Special Report: Highland Park (2 of 2)

Observation:  For only three square miles, Highland Park does pack a lot of public art into a small area.  In that light, my favorite aspect of the ride today was when I came upon 333 Midland and The Annex Gallery.  This artist studio and galley complex was started by Robert Onnes who moved from New Zealand to HP to be part of the Detroit art scene (great story there if you ever meet him).  Anyway, I don’t run into a lot of people on these rides, but Robert was there just opening-up for a coffer mixer, and him and Steve Panton, a big supporter of the arts, welcomed me in and walked me around the new installation that just went it.  I’m so used to exploring cold, abandoned buildings for art versus getting access to a warm, heated building that this was definitely a nice change…and made it harder to leave too.

Distance:  41.41 miles

D-Fact:  In 1942, the city saw the completion of the first modern depressed urban expressway in America – the Davison Freeway. 

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