Special Report: Highland Park (1 of 2)

Observation:  Lately I have been struggling with ELM around a couple of points, two of them being not wanting it to end and then also not sure of what to include on this blog.  Outside of Detroit, I have “ELMed” a few other local, small cities in my spare time – Berkley and Beverly Hills (yes, Michigan has one as well), and have not blogged about them other than to friends on Facebook.  I always considered this page to be all about Detroit, and so I have been falling being on entries due to not being able to make some decisions.  For those of you who don’t know, within the city of Detroit resides to other cities, completely surrounded by The D – Highland Park and Hamtramck.  Both of these cities have their own governments, their own services, and 10K+ inhabitants, so really there is no reason to include them in this project, but guess what…I have no boss or Board of Directors on this project, so I get to make the rules.  To most, if you were driving in the city, you would not even realize you left Detroit, and hence my decision to include them here.  If you don’t like it, don’t look, but honestly, I hope you enjoy.

Distance:  30.36 miles

D-Fact:  On October 7, 1913, the Highland Park Ford Plant became the first automobile production facility in the world to implement the moving assembly line

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