Double Dark Chocolate

Observation:  Today I accidentally doubled up on my bittersweet experiences.  First off, I road an area on the edge of Eastern Market, which is just full of gorgeous murals, mostly due to the success of the annual Murals in the Market.  I’ve mentioned this organization and event before and they simply do an amazing job of beautifying the market and surrounding area with one of a kind art (including the featured pic here which is one my favs).  I also feel they just do a great job of supporting those artists and not just using them as an asset in an event.  The bittersweet aspect of all this was that I really wanted to save that area until almost the very end of this project since so much gets added all the time, but I was a few miles in (starting from the other side) before realizing I had messed up and by then it was just too late.  The second somewhat sad, yet meaningful moment to me, was when I finished up that ride, then got in my car, drove a few miles and got out to ride again.  See, when I started this project I intentionally wanted to bop around the city and not just do north to south or east to west.  I wanted to see different aspects of the city early and make every ride somewhat of a surprise.  This has served its purpose well, but as I draw to the end, I find small pockets I need to go back and complete, and today I filled one of those pockets.  Just another reminder to me that this adventure is starting to wind down.

Distance:  36.51 miles

D-Fact:  Superman ice cream is believed to have originated in the Michigan-based ice cream shop Stroh’s, though the exact origin remains somewhat elusive.





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