Arts and Sports Slide into Home

Observation:  Loved stumbling upon this multi-ball diamond playground in the middle of the city this morning.  While the infields, outfields, and backstops looked like most baseball diamonds in the U.S., their dugouts were something else altogether.  They had been decorated with 1000s and 1000s of small tiles to create very simple, yet whimsical images of kids just being kids.  Don’t know the backstory on these ten pieces, but I like to imagine a bunch of kids working on them under the direction of the artists who designed them with those kids in mind.

Distance:  25.15 miles

D-Fact: While the Detroit Tigers and the infamous Old English D have been synonymous for decades, they actually stole the idea from another Detroit institution – the Detroit Free Press.  One of two predominant newspapers in the city, the “Freep” adopted the font when it was founded in the 1830s because they were going “old school”, and it hasn’t strayed from it since. Then in 1901 the Tigers came along, and three years later, they were donning the Old English D on their uniforms.


2 thoughts on “Arts and Sports Slide into Home

  1. The backstory on the mosaics – the outlines were designed by Hubert Massey with input from the Grandmont Rosedale community. The project was paid for by the Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation and they were installed by youth and community volunteers!


    1. Becki – Thank you for info, I love getting those kinds of details. I have an artist page on the website to give credit to the people who really created ELM, and I added to Hubert to it. Thanks again!


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