Little Pink Houses

Observation:  OK, so none of them were pink, but they were still wonderful to see.  For years, I have been kicking around the idea of building a collection of tiny houses or small urban cottages in the city, and during that time a number of people told me to check-out Tiny Homes Detroit, so it was great to finally stumble upon them on today’s ride. Cass Community Social Services is about half-way thru building 25 of these special homes with none of them being over 500 sq ft.  All the homes are designated for low-income families and are based on a rent-to-own model which becomes a future asset should they want to borrow money in the future.  Outside of that being an awesome opportunity, what I also really loved about them was that they are all unique and special versus being some cookie-cutter collection of just different colors.  This distinctiveness gives you a real sense of individuality and some real feeling of hope.  It all makes me even more excited about the idea of simplifying my life, and maybe others along with me.

D-Fact: The Detroit Zoo houses the 33,000-square-foot Polk Penguin Conservation Center – the largest facility for penguins in the world.


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