Good/God Morning

Observation:  Today I parked my car on the backside of a large, beautiful church and was unhooking my bike when a voice out of nowhere startled me.   Upon looking up, it’s amazing how quickly that fear went away when I saw a kind gentleman walking towards me with an all too familiar black collar.  While I didn’t get his name at first, this man of the cloth was simply curious about how far I was riding.  We had a lovely discussion and once I started talking about ELM, he asked more and more questions.  He was definitely intrigued by the story, and in the end, he mentioned he might even use it in his homily that morning.  Not sure which element of the project would interesting in a sermon, but upon saying goodbye, without question my ride started off more energetic and spirited than it had in months.

Distance:  39.70 miles

D-Fact:  Ste. Anne Parish is believed to be the second oldest Catholic parish continually in operation in the nation.

One thought on “Good/God Morning

  1. My wife goes to that church, and the priest did indeed talk about you in his homily! She knows I’ve been following your progress and came home excited to tell me about it.


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