Captain Crunch

Observation:  Funny how your senses are heightened in certain situations.  It’s fall again, and while the cool weather makes for great riding, the leaves do tend to create a dumb challenge.  Not riding on them, that has never seemed to be a problem, but when approaching an abandoned building or a piece of art next to someone’s house, I always try to be as quiet as possible.  But when it’s 7am and I’m in a strange location, it’s ridiculous how that simple crunching sound can seem like an explosion in my ear with each and every step.

Distance:  22.16 miles

D-Fact: Only one city has won three major sports championships in the same year:  Detroit in 1935, when the Lions won the NFL Title, Tigers won The World Series and the Red Wings took the Stanley Cup.

One thought on “Captain Crunch

  1. This area was packed with good stuff! So many interesting pieces (the carved tree!) and beautiful murals…the heavy rodent inspiration was a little unsettling, lol, but what a great ride.

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