Observation:  When I left to ride this morning, I knew there was a high chance of rain in the forecast, but I really wanted to get out and I even thought if it was light I would ride through it.  Well, it rained…and rained…and rained.  So while I tried to finish the whole section, at some point I did need to call it quits.  But even before that, I hit a point where it was raining so hard it wasn’t safe to ride, and I had to get cover somewhere for about an hour.  So what do you do, when you are trapped miles from your car in the middle of Detroit?  Well, I found a wide open abandoned school, and this is where a number of these photos came from.  When life gives you lemons…

Distance:  20.99 miles

D-Fact:  Detroit is the largest city in America to be completely lit with LED streetlights.


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