Who Needs a Spare?

Observation:  Car tires were a big part of today’s adventure but in two very different forms.  The first encounter was in a way that is more common; a simple pile of disposed tires.  But the number was what was a little shocking.  I would estimate there were 2-3,000 tires in two adjoining piles.  I couldn’t figure out if they were going to being used in some fashion, but it didn’t look like it.  It appeared to just be a huge collection that had grown organically over the years and might be there for some time to come.  The second one though was definitely a little more fun.  Tires were being used to line the edges of what appeared to be a go-kart track.  I know that is very common, but what made this special was the location.  I was just riding down some regular neighborhood street with houses all around when I stumbled upon this large track just nestled in between a few homes.  It was obvious that houses had stood in this location before, but with them burnt down and hauled away, some individuals must have taken upon themselves to make something interesting out of space and something recreation for the kids.  I know the pics of the space tell the story a little, but definitely something I would love to see when it is in full swing.

Distance:  25.68 miles

D-Fact:  Detroit houses the only IndyCar race to be held in a State Park

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