Grill Me

Observation:  When people talk about the smells of a city, it is usually a bad thing, but my experience in riding Detroit’s 138 square miles has really not been the case.  Sure, you get the occasional sewage or dumpster smell, but that is definitely more the rarity.  Moreso the smell I run into when I ride is the wonderful bouquet of great outdoor BBQing.  You see fantastic grilling set-ups all over the place from the most expensive homes to the shacks that are barely standing.  I often want to stop and talk to the homeowners just in the hopes of them offer me a bite.  Today’s ride brought a new aroma to that mix, as I was riding a neighborhood with a heavy Middle Eastern population.  Whether it be burgers or streaks on the grill, chili and garlic coming from a food truck, or an amazing mix of cumin, coriander, and turmeric filling the air, riding and sniffing in the Motor City I have found to be a great experience.

Distance:  27.53 miles

D-Fact:   Eastern Market is the largest open-air wholesale and retail market in the United States, according to “The Detroit Almanac.” More than 150 food-related businesses operate in the market at Russell and Gratiot in Detroit.

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