Special Posting – Hear The Roar

Observation:  Because of a good friend, ELM today got to circle the upper and lower concourses of Ford Field, home to the Detroit Lions.  It was a wonderfully unique experience to explore the building in the quiet evening hours and capture all the cat-themed artwork that the beautiful stadium has to offer.  Go Lions…and thanks for supporting the arts in your own special way.

Distance:  2.09 miles

D-Fact:  In 1992, Katie, a lioness, was rescued from a crack house in Detroit. Apparently, the residents of the house thought that a guard dog wasn’t intimidating enough.  Fortunately, Katie was rescued and taken to the Detroit Zoo before she did serious damage.  A year later, Percival, was rescued from the basement of an abandoned house. He, too, was taken to the zoo, where he enjoyed the larger habitat and presence of other lions.


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