Dewey Decimal

Observation:  One other mid-ELM regret I have is I wished I would have captured every “Little Library” throughout the city, geotagging them all.  I do take pics of all the ones with art on them (see below) and have contributed to a few of them, but think it would have been great to have them all on one map, and maybe even have a program to fill them on a regular basis.  Some of them are well stocked, especially in front of good homes, but others are in parks or schools long since closed and those could use some TLC and replenishing the most.  I have even seen one that had books on the top shelf and cans of food on the bottom, taking care of all life’s necessities.  😉

Distance:  25.40 miles

D-Fact: The Detroit Public Library system is the second largest library system, by volumes held, in the state of Michigan, and is the twentieth largest in the United States.



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