Hard Choices

Observation:  Four quick items from today’s ride.  1) Was standing in a front yard taking a picture of an amazing garden display, when suddenly I heard, “Can I help you?”  It was 7am and I didn’t realize the owner was 20 feet away sitting on her porch having coffee.  #observant  2)  Loved all the quality kid artwork covering most of the abandoned homes in this neighborhood. #everylittlebithelps  3)  Took a spill today going thru a little ditch that I thought was just full of grass, but then realized the homeowners had put rocks in the ditch to try and fill it.  Had one of those slow-motion moments where I saw my head about to hit a rock, and messed-up my hand and arm stopping the impact. #wipeout#four  4) REALLY had a hard time picking the Featured Image today, so hope you will look through the first few in this series to see some of my other favs. #hardchoices

Distance:  30.03 miles

D-Fact:  Although people remember Detroit for the 1967 riots, in 1943 Detroit had another one of the worst race riots in 20th century America. The World War II demand for labor forced an integrated workplace and the tension between black and white workers played out on the streets of Detroit. In 1942, prior to this onset of racial violence, a Life Magazine headline read: Detroit is Dynamite, It can either Blow up Hitler or Blow up the US.

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