Dig It

Observation:  Today’s ride was on a beautiful morning with all kinds of surprises in an area of Detroit called Brightmoor.  I know this area has seen some rough times but it seems to be making a ton of progress through public art, community events, tearing down abandoned homes, neighborhood watches, and the thing I noticed more than anything – gardens and farms.  I came upon a number of flower gardens, vegetable gardens, seed gardens, a couple of bees hives, some chicken coops and the area now even has an Artisans Cafe operated by youth ages 13-24 who utilize a lot of these locally sources foods.  A local government can only do so much to bring back a city, so it’s nice to see a community doing what they can to make an impact.

Distance:  34.93 miles

D-Fact: Mixing Vernors with vanilla ice cream makes a Boston Cooler—a drink named for a Boulevard in Detroit, not the Massachusetts city.

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