Observation:  Great combination of treasures in today’s long ride.  There was some wonderful professional murals, some great pieces by mother nature, a wonderful firehouse surprise, some great artwork done by high school students, more random topiary and then some interesting abandoned buildings.  It was in one of these I found a new side project…or mystery to solve.  Most empty builders are just abandoned, trashed and absent of any personal effects.  But today I found a large collection of pictures and now I want to hunt down the owner.  They are mostly pictures of an older gentleman with his golfing building in plaques, pics of his kids and likely grandkids, vacation photos, etc.  No name on the door to his office, but I have cleaned all the photos of the elements that were taking them over, along with some other clues, and so the detective in me will be tested.

Distance:  44.72 miles

D-Fact:  The DYC clubhouse on Belle Isle is a restored 1920s Mediterranean-style villa that is the largest yacht club clubhouse in the United States

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