U.P. or The D

Observation:  I think if I would have blindfolded everyone from Metro Detroit and taken them on my ride today less than 5% would have even guessed they were in Detroit.  Most of the ride was exploring Rouge Park and Outer Drive Fullerton Park, but even some of the surrounding neighborhoods felt like I was up in northern Michigan someplace.  I saw two deer early in the morning, found a tree farm, a functioning vegetable farm (D-town), a horse stable and equestrian center, a gorgeous pond with about a dozen white cranes who flew away when I road up, and then a number of other fun surprises.  Definitely one of those rides I did not want to end.

Distance:  36.17 miles

D-Fact: According to Keep Growing Detroit, an organization whose mission is to promote a food-sovereign city, nearly 1,600 gardens signed up to receive seeds, plants, and support for their spaces through the Garden Resource Program in 2017. With each garden engaging an average of 10+ people, the number of Detroiters exposed to urban agriculture rose to close to 20,000 residents.


3 thoughts on “U.P. or The D

  1. Very cool Tom – this was my old neighborhood – at one time known as Brightmoore I believe. I was in that Monastery many times as a kid and you likely road by St. Gemma church and what used to be St. Gemma school as well. I went to St. Gemma for 1st through 6th grade but I went to DJ Healy public school for kindergarten if it is still there. It was right down the street from my house on Beaverland in that neighborhood. Detroit Diesel and the railroad tracks bordered it behind the houses along Fullerton. I played in those yards and streets until the street lights came on!

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    1. Thanks for sharing all the memories Michele, and have to say that neighborhood has held up very well. Pretty sure St Gemma is still up and running, but I think the monestary is for sale…in case you have some funds. “Until the street lights came on” I think is a great flashback for many of us.


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