All By Myself

Observation:  Heard this quote in a podcast while riding today – “Dare I hesitate to say that creativity might be in jeopardy because one of the key components of being creative is boredom and silence and isolation” – Questlove.  It really resonated with me because I find when I do these rides it’s the most I am alone with my thoughts all week.  Sure there are lots of visuals around me and things to watch out for, but it is early morning and the world is just waking up, so I find this to be great creativity time for me.  Ideas for work, personal life and ELM seem to come at me, which has me scrambling to take notes so I don’t forget.  Side-note:  I am becoming very adept at riding no-handed while texting notes to myself.  Not a skill I am proud of having mastered.

Distance:  40.00 miles

D-Fact:  The world’s best carnival “ringer” was a gentleman from Detroit named Peter Drakos. While Peter was a car salesman by day, he had a knack for being able to beat most carnival games, to the point they all had to start putting limits on the number of prizes you could win. Conservatively, Drakos estimated over the years he has donated about a quarter of a million toys to more than 50 different charities before his death in 2014.

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