Salt & Pepper

Observation:  New addition to the standard riding supplies today – a mace wrist guard. After being chased by dogs a few times, I had bought a small container of mace, but somewhere along the way it got lost, and I like this new one even better because it feels more accessible. At the same time, I feel a little guilty for not thinking through all the options for when this situation arises next time. I am a huge dog fan, and so the idea of using this on any animal kind of bothers me, but after posting a pic of it Instagram, a few people tossed some additional ideas my way. One is just getting off my bike and using it as a shield, which might work for dogs just trying to prove a point or while I wait for their owners to snag them (surprised by the number being walked off leash). But the other option that I didn’t think of was pretty basic…treats. Sure, I’m not going to pack a sirloin in my tiny bike bag but throwing 1-2 dog treats might stave off some of the more food-motivated canines in the city.

Distance:  21.37 miles

D-Fact:  The Detroit Jazz Festival is the world’s largest Free Premier Jazz Festival


2 thoughts on “Salt & Pepper

  1. Another idea is “Bear Spray” like you would take on a camping trip. The advantage of Bear Spray is the distance it will shoot. You can buy it online from REI or Amazon.

    The can is bigger around, so you might look at modify a water bottle holder to fit it.


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