Go Southwest Young Man, Part I

Observation:  For the second time since starting this project, I had to split this ride into two entries.  This trip took me through Southwest Detroit and there is just so much public art that I couldn’t just pack it into one.  Outside of all the art, there is just such great Mexican heritage and influence everywhere in this section of the city – restaurants and grocery stores, ornate gates, tin roofs on garages and sheds, and Catholic symbols in various forms.  One other unique thing about this ride was I got poured on three separate times, so my bike and I hid until a tree for a while, then the entranceway to a hair salon, and then finally under a church awning where I sat eating donuts from the Mexican bakery across the street.  Doing all this riding…you get to eat a donut or two.

Distance:  Some portion of 38.00

D-Fact:  The Detroit River is home to the one and only international wildlife refuge in North America. Located along the lower Detroit River and western shoreline of Lake Erie, the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge is just 20 miles south of Detroit. Its nearly 6,000 acres include 20 scattered “units” of islands, coastal wetlands, marshes, shoals and waterfront lands.


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