Looking Back, Moving Forward

Observation:  I know I miss art throughout the city on this project, especially behind me. You learn to look for patterns of where art might be and look over your shoulder accordingly (decaying buildings, the end of residential blocks where businesses are starting, etc.), but it’s really hard to find it all, especially when you are riding by 1,000s of homes and businesses on every ride at 10-15 mph.  A ride last week totally supported this notion.  I was finishing up and heading to my car, and I came upon this house I had already passed going the other direction and found it had some very cool graffiti on the other side of it.  I sometimes wonder if I road the whole 4,000 miles in reverse just how much more additional art I might uncover.  I know it wouldn’t be a ton, but it definitely would not be zero.

Distance:  29.31 miles

D-Fact:  Detroit is home to the world’s oldest operating jazz club – baker’s Keyboard Lounge. It’s been going since May 1934.


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