Go Southwest Young Man, Part II

Observation:  The second part of this ride entry still covers the same area, as you can tell from the map below, but I focused it on just three elements:  some amazing fences throughout the area, a gorgeous collage of murals at Springwell and Chamberlain, and TAP.  The Alley Project (TAP) was started in 2011 as a community-driven organization that sponsored graffiti in the neighborhood, all by local artists.  It had a fixed region when it started, but it has spread and I just tried to include the garage or alleyway pieces I found on this ride.

Feel I should also note here that I do not include every piece of art I find in any area in my blog.  I pin every piece to my digital map of the city, but I try to just put the better material on her (sometimes admittedly getting carried away).

Distance:  Some portion of 38.00

D-Fact: The Motor City currently has a gang of renegade landscapers called the Detroit Mower Gang who beautify public spaces pro bono.

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