Trade-off: Dogs vs Glass

Observation:  Today I was in part of Mexicantown, and this section of the city has more German Shepards per square mile than anyplace else I have ridden.  They were all fenced in, so there were no pursuits, but Mexicantown has some great alleyway art, so getting some surprise, out-of-nowhere bark-attacks can be a little nerve-racking in a tight space.  On the flip side (and I’ve noticed this on other Mexicantown rides), there is very little glass in the area compared to other parts of the city.  Not sure what that region is doing, but as a biker, I definitely notice and appreciate it.

Distance:  29.25 miles

D-Fact:  Yelp shows 209 Mexican restaurants in Detroit,  not counting a few 100 in the burbs

2 thoughts on “Trade-off: Dogs vs Glass

  1. Your rides are and photos are great, I love Detroit and spend a lot of time driving around town with my work. I have A friend that has a video business, we come to the “D” and ride along with the fire departments filming fires.


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