Born and Raised…Where?

Observation:  Today’s damp ride included roads with standing water past my knees, a couple of apartment complexes with only hallways and staircases still standing, a wonderfully painted home with chickens, ducks, a bunch of other unique waterfowl I had never seen before all wandering together, and then a new favorite industrial building.  I find these occasionally – old industrial complexes that have been taken over by decay, vandalism, and lots of graffiti and artwork.  Most of these I have seen in pictures online or are famous like the Packard Plant, but this one was more tucked away, most secretive in some way and felt like it offered me a different surprise around each corner and down each new level.

Distance:  43.29 miles

D-Fact:  Unfortunately for diehard Journey fans, South Detroit is as fictional as Neverland. When Steve Perry wrote the song “Don’t Stop Believin’”, he thought “South Detroit” sounded the best and was later disappointed to learn that there was no such thing. Downtown Detroit sits along the Detroit River, and crossing it puts you squarely in Canada. This hasn’t stopped the Detroit Red Wings from playing “Don’t Stop Believin’” after every home victory, though.





One thought on “Born and Raised…Where?

  1. Shocking to me to learn this is all within a matter of miles of where I’ve lived for decades. Great website!


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