Send Me a Secret

Observation:  While today’s ride had a couple of crazy elements to it (e.g. 25-30 cats, a purple-haired hooker at 6am, and a guy with large toy cars parking in his trees), the most unique thing was an older gentleman who was standing outside his dilapidated house as I rode past.  As he saw me, I saw his eyes perk up and he loudly shouted to me,”Send me a secret!”  His home was on a corner and so I passed him not once, but twice and each time I got his message again…”Send me a secret!”  Not sure if he meant via postal mail, email or maybe through Instagram Direct Messaging, but no matter what, I guess I have a little homework to do.

Distance:  43.29 miles

D-Fact:  Detroit boasts the nation’s oldest soda: Vernor’s ginger ale.

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