Deer Season

Observation:  Record ride today of almost 52 miles, but was actually disappointed because I didn’t finish the section I was shooting for…which was probably way too big for one day.  Included in the day were 100s and 100s of abandoned homes (rough region on the city), Habitat for Humanity doors, the Eden Gardens Block Club, an interesting deer shire, my sixth nail through my foot and my eleventh flat.

Distance:  51.91 miles

D-Fact:  Legend has it that the deer arrived on Belle Isle as a gift from the president of France in 1895. They were placed in the deer park, which was a part of the original Belle Isle Center. In 1930, the deer were released to freely roam the island. In 2002, due to illness and overpopulation, all of the fallow deer on the island were corralled together. The Belle Isle Nature Center currently houses a small herd from that original population.

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