How Quickly They Forget

Observation:  So today I wiped out and flipped over my handlebars, but I was fine, my bike was fine and it was dumb, so not as fun a story.  But the other thing that happened to me multiple times today (and definitely happens from time-to-time) is I got in “the zone”.  Sometimes I will be riding and just get lost in thought and/or focused on simply biking, and I will totally forget about the art element of ELM.  Today this happened three times, and I road past pieces of art or graffiti each time, so had to circle back.  Occasionally I’m not even sure if I missed something, but to be fair to the goals of the project, I retrace my route just to make sure.  You would think after re-riding 2-3 miles, you would never forget again, but alas, the mind has a mind of its own sometimes.

Distance:  31.34 miles

D-Fact: 2014 was the 313th birthday of the 313 (that’s Detroit’s area code)



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