Red – Green … Yellow

Observation:  Obviously Detroit is an auto-centric city, but I have been amazed by how many auto repair shops and tire places I have found that have custom artwork as part of their building advertising.  You see it for other industries as well when it’s an older building (when customs signs were your only option), but it’s interesting to see how many auto shops have hired someone to paint cars, wheels, auto parts, etc. on their property to give it a cool, unique, truly Detroit feel.

Distance:  31.09 miles

D-Fact:  Traffic lights had been used for several years in major cities like London and Paris before they made their way to Detroit. Shortly after their arrival, Detroit Police Officer William Potts took the design and modified it to better suit the police officer’s needs. During the early 1900s, traffic lights were controlled by police officers, who decided when to switch the lights from green to red.  Potts realized that the officers couldn’t all change their lights from green to red at the same time, so he came up with a third color, the amber that completes the modern traffic light we see today. 

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