Endlessly Tired

Observation:  Tires are an interesting thing in the city.  With the auto-industry being so prevalent and tires turning over so often, you see a ton of them all over in various waste forms – piled in abandoned buildings, tossed into the woods, etc.  But you do see them occasionally be used for good – hanging as an old-fashioned tire swing, used in art or flower boxes, recycled as benches or playground surfaces, or my personal favorite, pothole warning.  Yes, throughout the city, people have stopped, grabbed a tire from someplace and dropped them into large potholes or sewage drains where someone has stolen the cover.  No doubt these old tires have saved me from having to replace one of two of my own new tires.

Distance:  31.73 miles

D-Fact:  Founded on July 24, 1701, Detroit is the oldest city west of the original thirteen colonies on this side of the Mississippi.


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