Focus, Focus, Focus

Observation:  One of the challenges of doing every linear mile is being diligent to the area you are covering.  Yes, some days I start off thinking I am going to do 20-25 miles, get absorbed in an unexpected building filled with art and that day only becomes 10-15 miles.  Sometimes the reverse will happen in that I will head out to do 20 miles, find the area to not have much art (or I have a ton of energy) and I end up tagging 10-20 more.  But what is really hard is seeing something amazing not in the plan and wandering off the path chosen for that day.  Today was one of those times in that I saw this amazing Catholic school a block away as I was finishing up the ride.  I went to check it out and then just got sucked in by it’s decaying beauty, taking picture after picture.  But then I came to my senses…and I aborted.  I realized I needed more time and doing this today would only put a “hole” in another day’s ride.  Have faith in the process and you will see it all.

Distance:  17.59 miles

D-Fact: The Detroit Windsor Tunnel was the first traffic tunnel between two nations.

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