“Need Any Drugs?”

Observation:  Short, fairly boring ride today, but one moment made me think of a funny story from one of my first ELM rides.  It was 6am, I was in a really crumbling neighborhood and I road past a young man walking down the cross street.  As I passed, he kind of perked up, gave me a charming smile and said “good morning sir, need any drugs?”  I kind of chuckled, politely said “no thanks” and kept riding.  Well the streets were short and he was just slowly strolling, and so on the next two streets I passed him again…and each time he asked me “good morning sir, need any drugs?”…and each time we laughed harder than the last time.  I think it was just an absurd setting for both of us….50yo old man being offered drugs over and over and 20yo old laughing at the old man who keeps crossing his path every five minutes at six in the morning.

Distance:  15.40 miles

D-Fact:  Detroit is famously known as the home to the Motown sound founded by Berry Gordy Jr. in 1957

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