What Will Remain?

Observation:  Today I rode through a fairly barren neighborhood that seems to have a lot of potential for growth and development, but most of it will have to start from scratch. But I did find a few large, industrial buildings that are in good shape and are likely to be saved in the next 2-10 years, which made me wonder…what, or will any, art be saved? Will the owner say “just paint over it”? Will he/she will put frames around it and call it wall art? Maybe remove some of it and put it elsewhere? Will the painters/construction workers feel any guilt just doing their job? Will the artists ever know one way or another?

Guess only time and tenants will tell.

Distance:  24.54 miles

D-Fact:  Ice cream soda was invented in Detroit when a clerk at Sander’s ran out of sweet cream, and they made one of the best improvisations ever.


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