Every Piece of Trash Counts

Observation:  My highlight today was simply stopping and chatting with a lovely woman who was picking up trash across the street from her house and on the side where a big park was located. I rode past her a few times doing my crazy street weave, so sure she thought I was a little odd, and I was loving how much of an area she was covering. In the end, I found out she just started renting a place on the corner and she wanted her view improved, and if that meant spending half a Sunday with a few trash bags then so be it. She was interested in my little project and even directed me to some art pieces locally that she liked. If I didn’t have someplace to be, I would have gotten off my bike and joined her for an hour or so.

Distance:  30.11 miles

D-Fact:  In 1955, Anna Scripps Whitcomb – daughter of Detroit News founder James E. Scripps – gave her collection of 600 orchids to the Conservatory on Belle Isle, giving the City of Detroit the largest municipally owned orchid collection in the country.

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