Under Control, but Damage Done

Observation:   Not long into the ELM project I decided not to do churches. There are just too many gorgeous structures, and my little iPhone camera just can’t do them justice. You will undoubtedly see one every once in a while, because I capture it in the early morning light or something else catches my eye about it. Today was one of those when I stumbled upon the sight of a church burnt down in recent years. Walking in, I could not take it in fast enough. I clicked dozens and dozens of pictures, but I definitely felt very sad the whole time. Why would anyone burn down a church? Yes, I know it might have been an accident, but those are fewer and farther between in Detroit, so while it was so oddly beautiful in the right light, I could not imagine the pain and anguish of those who must have come when they heard about the fire. To those who came every week to worship and saw this place as a second home, it must have been an unreal experience, and I hope their faith helped them move on from the loss quickly.

Distance:  35.18 miles

D-Fact:  Detroit in the past garnered national media attention for arson outbreaks on the eve of Halloween, especially in 1984 when there were more than 800 reported fires in the city.  But that seems trend has been curbed and in 2016 the number was down to 59

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