Morning vs. Night – The Realities of Life

Observation:  In general, every one of these rides is done early in the morning between 6am and maybe 1pm at the latest. Today I decided to go after work, and…it was decidedly different. Yes, there was a safety difference, but it was more than that. Mornings are quiet, slow and there are all kinds of possibilities in front of anyone who gets out of bed. But evenings are more the realities of life. You see the tired look on people’s faces from a long day of work, study and just being an adult. I heard a couple fighting so loudly that you could hear them 5-6 houses away, even though they were inside. I saw a few older men already snoozing on porches – some their own and some just a random house they picked for the evening. And I saw a woman pull her minivan over so her four kids could poop and pee in an open field. Seems gross and absurd, but you could tell that was the reality of her situation. Likely they are living in a place where she can’t afford plumbing, so this is her kids’ nighttime activity before going to bed. The harsh realities of someone’s life that most people reading this blog probably can’t truly comprehend.

Distance:  12.07 miles

D-Fact:   The square mileage of San Francisco, Manhattan, and Boston all fit into Detroit’s 139 Square Miles

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