Homeless But Still Prideful

Observation:  So at about 9:30am I stumbled upon this unique, brick-sample-wall left from a fire decades ago.  I pulled my bike over, got off and approached to take a picture, when out of nowhere a homeless man came at me yelling, “no, no no, don’t even try it”.  I turned, looked at him and said “I can’t take a picture?”, at which point he grumbled something about “oh ok” and backed down from his aggressive approach.  But as I stood there taking pics and trying to have a conversation with him I realized that even though he was obviously at a rough point in his life, he still had this wonderful pride in his city and this unblemished odd wall.  He thought I was going to spray paint it or something and he was not going to let it happen on his watch.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all took that kind of pride in the world around us no matter what our personal situation was at the time?

PS – Also today I stumbled upon a massive roof tarp (see bad pic below) with Dick Purtan’s (famous Detroit DJ) face on it.  Sure, it was from an advertisement a decade ago, but guessing it makes for a great laugh for planes flying overhead. #everylinearmile

Distance:  21.11 miles

D-Fact:  The J.L. Hudson store on Woodward Avenue, sitting tall at 25 stories, was the world’s tallest department store until 1961.




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