Lions Dominate Tigers

Observation:  Over the past couple of months, I have been amazed at how many concrete lion statues I see on homeowners’ porches, lawns, sidewalks and even rooftops. Because one of my “rules” is I try to only take pics of original pieces, I haven’t captured many of these, although the one you see today is one of eleven I saw. I’m sure more of them came from the architecture style of the time versus support for our struggling team, but guessing in Detroit’s heyday there were literally 1000s of them throughout the city.  Just taking pics of them alone could make for a cool photo project for someone.

Distance:  26.84 miles

D-Fact:   The Detroit Lions were originally a team called the Spartans in Portsmouth , OH until they were moved here in 1934.  They were renamed as a nod to the Detroit Tigers, but also because the lion was the monarch of the jungle, and the owners intended for this team to be the monarch of the NFL.

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