In The Corner Pocket

Observation:  In approaching 1,000 miles of this project, it’s interesting to see who is out and about on an early Saturday or Sunday morning in the Motor City. It’s really no different than any other major city in the world. You have people heading to work, you have people heading to church and you have people going out to exercise. This third group is where sometimes Detroit might be different. Sure, you see people biking, jogging and walking like usual, but it’s fascinating the number of people I have run into taking a morning stroll…with a little protection. I have seen people holding a piece of wood, mace, canes (not because they are old), golf clubs, baseball bats and even a pool cue once. What’s funny though is these people are some of the friendliest ones I run into. I think the protection just gives them a layer of confidence, so they are always the ones to say good morning to me and give me a big smile. Maybe they feel seeing one more person out gets them one step closer to not having to lug that Brunswick protection stick with them anymore.

Distance:  41.70 miles

D-Fact:  Detroit was the site of the country’s first national billiards championship in 1859.


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