Wasted Miles and My First Crash

Observation:  How far does someone need to ride before they realize they are not actually in Detroit?  Well for me today it was 11.1 miles.  I translated my wall map to my MapMyRide app incorrectly, so I rode close to an hour before I realized (based on “Congrats Graduate” lawn signs) that I was actually in Dearborn, so basically a mile away.  UGH.

Adding insult to injury, after moving locations and getting back to the city, I tried to turn in front of a car wash and the oil from the cars coming out literally just took my tires out from under me.  I crashed to the ground and got some pretty good scars, but the guys from the wash were nice enough to let me use their washroom and get some of the dirt out.  In related news, band-aids and antiseptic wipes have been added to my bike bag.

Distance:  8.33 miles

D-Fact:  Couldn’t find any Detroit stat, but Michigan bicyclist deaths increased 80% from 2014 to 2016.

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