Detroit Dream Ride, Part II (75+ pics)

Observation:  So after moving my car to a new destination, I began part two of today’s journey.  While exploring an old commercial building, I noticed an older gentleman building a tiny house in this unique area by the railroad tracks, and realized it was a person I read an article about years ago in Metro Times.  He was a homeless man who had built himself a comfy tiny place out of scraps he found in the city and the reporter had interviewed him about his life, the place he had built, etc.  Watching him today from afar I realized he was building himself a new place.  Still small on this squatter land he had claimed, but with all kinds of wonderful details and art elements included in it.  Sometime in the future I would love to go back and talk to him myself, but that might be for another project.

Distance:  13.51 miles

D-Fact:  In 2017, Detroit identified 2,078 homeless people.  While that is sad and obviously needs to be brought down, that count is 20% less than it was two years prior, so real progress is being made.

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