Detroit Dream Ride, Part I (100+ pics)

Observation:  Going into this day, I knew I was going into a art laden part of the city, but I was blown away by how much there was in such a small area.  I can sometime ride 10-15 miles and see almost nothing, but this ride took forever just because of all the stops I needed to make.  This collection is divided in two because I actually got in my car and drove to a different spot to start the second leg, but I’m also glad because even 100 pics in one entry seems crazy.

Distance:  14.47 miles

D-Fact:  Michigan Central Station was once the tallest train station in the world.


5 thoughts on “Detroit Dream Ride, Part I (100+ pics)

      1. Wow! These photos are really something else! Would love to see some material from Highland Park – lot’s of real interesting art, graffiti and mural going on over there.

        One resource you might be able to use to identify the work you are identifying is

        I bumped into this fella as I was painting for an organization this summer. He’s on a project to identify all the murals in the city. Big task – but I suspect you two may be able to collaborate!

        Happy Cycling! Cheers!


      2. Thanks Caleb. Yes, I have met Viranel Clerard of the Detroit Mural Project and we have swapped notes. He’s a great guy and his focus is just on the murals, but with expansion into education, and I’m focused on biking and geotagging all the art in the city (3k miles down, 2k to go). He’s told me he peeks at my site to add to his collection and then doing all the legwork around identifying the artists (no easy task).

        As for Highland Park, it’s not part of my riding plan, but someone from 333 Midland reached out recently, so I am going to do a special post just on them and the surrounding area in the next couple weeks.

        Appreciate the comments, and if you have any more ideas or thoughts, keep lobbing them out there!


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