Bob Ross Memories

Observation:  One of the more interesting things about the city and these rides, when I am trying to hunt down all art I can find, is the wide variety of canvases that artists seem to utilize.  Sure, there are the traditional fences, abandoned homes and building walls, but then there are staircases and pillowcases, cars and bars, frogs and dogs, underpasses and overpasses, doors and floors, mailboxes and electrical boxes, tires and dryers, vans and trash cans, treehouses and dog houses, tiny libraries and large cemeteries, watercrafts and photographs, streets and seats, windows and flamingos, large rocks and sidewalks, sheds and beds, mobile homes and garden gnomes, fences and benches, , roller rinks and bathroom sinks, chairs and stairs, water towers and indoor showers, and garage doors and school chalkboards.  All of these items I have seen used as a backdrop over the last two years, and it just amazing me the creativity and sometimes the pure opportunity that drives people who want to create and add beauty to this world and to this incredible city.

Distance:  28.44 miles

D-Fact:  The Detroit Institute of Art has an amazing collection, made even more awe-inspiring by the fact that it holds the first ever Van Gogh painting to enter a U.S. museum collection

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