Sweet Home Michigana

Observation:  Today I rode my father’s childhood neighborhood in The D.  I know the exact street, but his domicile is long gone, along with most the homes on that street.  I took my mother recently to see her childhood homes as well, and while one of hers was gone (or in so much disrepair we couldn’t figure it out), the other one still stood tall and proud, and I was also amazed at how she could remember the cross-streets around that special place even after 80+ years.  Both experiences just reminded me of that odd connection and love most of us have for something in our past that is really just a collection of earth’s material nailed together.  But of course, those materials aren’t really what drives those emotions.  In the end, it’s really the family, friends, and memories that were housed in that place that makes us want to go back, even if to just to take a peek one last time.

Distance:  16.42 miles

D-Fact:  Detroit is home to Movement Electronic Music Festival, and is often cited as the birthplace of techno.

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