Light of Day

Observation:  Today was filled with two incredibly special moments.  The first one happened when I stopped to take a picture of a statue in someone’s yard while standing right against a standard four-foot chainlink fence.  While I see pitbulls all the time, they are usually barking like crazy at me (and some obviously raised to attack), so when one came out of nowhere and hit the fence hard I naturally recoiled and almost fell down.  But he barked zero and I quickly realized he was 100% just looking for love, so within seconds he was on his hind legs giving my face kisses while I leaned over the fence and rubbed his belly.  Just a wonderful experience after running into so many aggressive dogs throughout the city.  The second moment was the featured pictured here.  I won’t say where I was, but there was something just very magical about seeing light coming in like this, so much so that I just had to sit in the rays and absorb them for a few minutes.  Perhaps one of those “you had to be there” experiences, but definitely one I will always remember.

Distance:  31.19 miles

D-Fact: Designed by famed Detroit architect Albert Kahn, the Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse is located at the head of Belle Isle. It was erected in 1930 by the sculptor Gaza Moroti in the Art Deco style and the 58-foot tall lighthouse was sculpted out of Georgia marble – the only such structure in North America.


4 thoughts on “Light of Day

  1. Wow, great post – I couldn’t add a comment against the picture (for some reason), but in the picture of the park, are those painted rocks inside the wire containers?


  2. Great project. Thanks so much for all the images of creation/observation. I regularly travel to Detroit from Toronto to walk/bike around and see the beauty of what folks are making. I’ll use your posted maps to help me make sure I see as much as possible. Take care, Laura


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