No Rings For The D

Observation:  This morning I pulled into a neighborhood that seemed fairly safe and then drove around for a bit before parking in front of a house that was boarded up.  When I finished my ride the guy who owned the next house to the one I had parked in front of told me he had been peaking at this strange car in his neighborhood trying to figure out if he should have it towed.  In the end, it sounds like the fact my dashboard was fully intact (aka, not stripped and abandoned) saved me and my vehicle.  We ended up talking for a bit and after telling him about the ELM Project he suddenly brightened up and insisted I park in front of his house…anytime.  Gotta love that Detroit Hospitality at it’s finest.  🙂

Note: Substitute pic from a previous ride for the featured pic

Distance:  34.27 miles

D-Fact:   Detroit has tried, and failed, to house the Olympic summer games nine times, which is the most by any city in the world never to host the event. Detroit made a bid to host every Summer Games from 1940 to 1972, and then again for the 2028 games, but the closest it ever came was its 1963 proposal for the 1968 games when it finished second to Mexico City.


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