Let’s Ride!

Observation:  The number of motorcycle clubs in Detroit has really surprised me.  I know there is a long history within the city and some of it not pretty, but I feel like I stumble onto a new one every other ride.  They are easy to pick out in general; fairly well-contained, brick building, mostly black as their color scheme, usually on a semi-busy street, back or side yard with a high, sturdy fence, and then finally, always a unique logo.  From an art perspective some of them are pretty cool and at one location, they must have commissioned an artist for the large piece painted in their courtyard, which I appreciate.  Because I am out so early, no one is really ever at any of these clubs, but I would like to think if they saw me, they would just welcome me in as a fellow “biker”.  🙂

Distance:  36.10 miles

D-Fact: The City of Detroit has a rich and storied tradition of renegade biker gangs. Nationally-feared clubs like “The Outlaws”, “The Highwaymen”, “The Devil’s Disciples”, and “The Avengers” have each called the motor city home to their respective national headquarters, thus making the area in and around Southeast Michigan a simmering hub of Midwest biker culture.



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