Parks and Recreation

Observation:  While not a lot of art on this long ride, I do have to mention something I keep seeing consistently throughout these rides and that is what a great job the city is doing with all the public parks.  Anyone who has been downtown in recent years has probably noticed the uptick of beautiful parks like Campus Martius, Riverwalk, and the newest, Beacon Park, but I would say 75-80% of the parks I have seen in the neighborhoods have been updated in recent years as well.  Often this means new landscaping and play structures for the kids, but what I also like is what they have done to try and protect them.  While fences may be on one or two sides to keep visitors out of people’s backyards, the open space sentences have huge boulders every 4-6 feet away from each other.  They look beautiful and natural, and while they allow bikes and people to come in, they keep cars from driving into the space, which I’m sure has been a problem over the years.  Kudos to the Detroit Recreation Department.

Note: Substitute pic from a previous ride for the featured pic

Distance:  42.80 miles

D-Fact: Never again will a Cobb play for the Tigers, as his various team numbers and, in a very unique move, even his name have been retired.

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