Homeless…in a Home

Observation:  I went into an abandoned home today because structurally it just looked great, and thought in its heyday it was a little special.  The inside was a complete mess with trash and the usual decay you see in a lot of these places, but one thing was unique – a pile of open Alpo dog food cans above the fireplace.  Upon further inspection, I realized the two bedrooms had floors covered with dog feces, and I could quickly figure out the scene.  Someone homeless had used this residence as their home for a few weeks or months in the winter with their dog, and it must have been even too cold for the dog to go outside, so they both holed up in this place, living with conditions they had gotten used to, which to most of us could never even fathom.

Distance:  23.46 miles

D-Fact:  Detroit is home to one of only three feather bowling facilities in the United States.

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