Serve and Protect

Observation:  Per square mile, I think I saw more guard dogs around homes and businesses today than on any other ride.  All of them were fenced in and seemed to be well cared for, but it can still make for a stressful experience.  And while I think it would suck to live next store to one of these massive barking animals, I’m sure even the neighbors like some of the added security they provide being close by.  Still, just a sad sign of the times to see that so many are needed.

Distance:  35.66 miles

D-Fact:  One would think that Coney dogs so famous in Coney Island, NY originated there, but actually they originated in Michigan, although the exact location has not been pinpointed. There are three that claim to have originated it: American Coney Island, Lafayette Coney Island (both in Detriot), and Todoroff’s Original Coney Island Jackson).


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