What’s Your Password?

Observation:  Fairly uneventful ride, but one strange thing I continue to notice, which makes sense, but still surprises me. When I ride in the suburbs and occasionally pull my phone out, I get that irritating message of “which of 400 WIFIs do you want to connect to?”, but in many areas of Detroit I will only get a few, or in some cases none. It’s obviously a socio-economics difference, but in this world of technology addiction, the question actually might be “who really has it better?”.

D-Fact: Despite the Lions’ recent track record, Detroit is the third winningest city in the US behind New York and Boston.


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Password?

  1. Love, love what you’re doing, Thomas. Thank you! Really enjoying the blogs but most of all, seeing all the art. Fabulous


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