Return Them To Glory

Observation:  Beginning this morning, I thought it was going to be an amazingly boring ride because I was starting in an area I had ridden a number of times before starting the ELM project. In the end, I was wrong with lots of new art and miscellaneous gems discovered along the way.  I crossed several neighborhoods (Gateway Community, North End and Arden Park) which all have amazingly well-kept homes and I ran into a few sets of younger, wealthy couples who you could tell spent a lot of money for their new place, but are trying to return it completely to its original glory. Some are doing it purely for the investment and some are doing it to really create a home for their family, but I will take seeing the progress either way.  Still several larger fixer uppers in the mix, so will be interesting to see what happens to these areas in the next few years.

Distance:  30.16 miles

D-Fact:  The 72-floor Marriott at the Renaissance Center in Detroit is the second tallest hotel in North America.

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